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Sri Lanka Tours | Private & Tailored

Let us help you create the ideal private escorted tours of Sri Lanka. Tourslanka is an independent tour company that offers private Sri Lanka tours with your very own personal guide (or chauffeur-guide).

We are ‘small enough’ to ensure that most of our clients leave as friends.
We do NOT support large noisy groups, nor ‘conveyor belt tourism’, where large groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary devoid of spontaneity. Instead, we promote vacations to individuals, couples, families, friends and small private groups.

“A private tour of this magical island is on top of the wish list of many!”

Located at the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is island nation surrounded by the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean.
By taking one of our private escorted tours to sri lanka, you will be able to experience.

  • Extremely friendly, hospitable and easygoing people.
  • Stay at authentic hotels and experience our unique itineraries.
  • A rich, vibrant and colourful history dating back over 2500 years!
  • Ruined cities, palaces, temples, fortresses, royal pleasure gardens and ancient dagobas second
    only to the great pyramids of Egypt.
  • Beautiful lakes, magnificent waterfalls, historic canals, flat and wild rivers, calm and quiet
    lagoons and marshes.
  • An abundance of animal life with our own sub-species of elephant, with many birds, butterflies
    amphibians and plants unique to this island.
  • An island with some of the most beautiful beaches, bays and underwater attractions you could
    find in the world.
  • Panoramic mountains, narrow passes and gaps provide you with some of the finest and
    spectacular views you could find anywhere.
  • Astounding variety and depth of handicraft, music, dance and art forms evolved through
    thousands of years.